The Different Types of Reports

This will guide you through each type of reporting, trends, ranking, responses, ratings & reviews, and competitors reports.

Overview Report

The Overview Reports gives you a quick look at the numbers your businesses are achieving in a selected date range.

You can set filters for a specific date range; however, the last 30days are selected by default. You can also select specific sources or locations.

The Overview Report consists of these sections (note that the numbers you see here reflect only the data we gathered in the date range selected above):

  • Average Rating: Displays the overall average rating on the left with the volume of review sunder it in parentheses. Also displays the percent change comparing it to the previous date range. On the right side, it shows the average rating broken down by sources.
  • Volume of Reviews: Displays the total volume of reviews then breaks it down per sentiment.
  • Response: Displays your response rate to the reviews in the date range selected, as well as how long in took you in average to respond to these reviews.
  • Sentiment Analysis: A pie chart displaying the percentage of each sentiment.
  • Source of Reviews: A pie chart displaying the percentage of reviews per source.
  • Top Performing Locations: Ranks your top 5 locations in terms of average rating.
  • Low Performing Locations: Ranks your bottom 5 locations in terms of average rating.
  • Most Improved Locations: Ranks your 5 most improved locations, comparing them to their average rating of the previous date range.
  • Locations Receiving Lowest Reviews: Ranks 5 locations that are receiving the lowest number of reviews.

Trends Report

The Trends Report is similar to the Overview Report but instead of showing the overall number, it spreads it out over a range of days. You can hover your mouse over each point in the chart and it will show the number for that specific day.

This report also helps you compare the current numbers to the numbers of the same day but previous month (by selecting previous from the filter), or to the numbers of the same day from past year (by selecting past from the filter).

Finally, to the right of each chart, there is a similar chart that divides the numbers into sources, which you can filter for under it.

Ranking Report

The Ranking Report lists all your locations and displays their average ratings and volume of reviews as per the date period selected in the filter. You can click the headers of the table to order them by average rating or volume of reviews.

Responses Report

The Responses Report helps you keep track of your responses. You can select different filters such as date, brand/region, text availability, user, sentiment, and source.

The table shows each location’s number of reviews and number of responses, then calculates the response rate and the average response time in days.

Ratings & Reviews Report

The Ratings & Reviews Report is a bit different than other reports, because it displays the overall data for each location, since the beginning of each listing. All other reports show data for a given period of time, determined by the date filter.

Each column will display the current Average Rating/ Volume of Reviews for a source. You can click on a source to change it to another that is not being currently displayed.

Competitors Report

The Competitors Report lets choose 3 competitors for every location you have, and compares their data to yours, then ranks your location from 1 to 4 among your competitors.

Clicking on your location inside the table expands it to show its competitors and the data we gathered about them. You will mainly be able to compare your average rating and volume of reviews to those of each competitor location, across up to 4 different sources.

This feature is part of the premium package.