Specific Questions

Let your customers do the work for you. Our AI system will ask them specific questions to improve your business.

Easy for Everyone

Have your very own first-party feedback landing page with a unique QR code easily accessible to your customers.

Drive & Share

Use your brand, tone of voice, and colours to customize your landing pages.


Acquire customer details and data. Have full control over data and export it to your CRM tool.

AI Driven Questions

To ensure the best response rate possible, our system automatically present your customers tailored questions that you need more details on at any given time. We learn from online reviews what customers are complaining about and dig deeper on those areas with first party feedback questionnaire.

We Make It Easy

We’ll create a feedback landing page for each location with a unique QR code. You won’t have to call the IT department to set this up. With a quick scan, guests can rate their experience, give feedback, and share it on the review site of their choice.

Drive & Share More Reviews

Ask your guests to leave a review, most customers will do it happily. You can share your best reviews from your dashboard across your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. There’s nothing better than your customers doing your marketing for you! These extra reviews boost your star rating on platforms where you’re under-performing. 

Capture Your Customer's Data

Capture customer details from your landing page to build your database and re-market to them. You have full control over your customer data and can export them directly from your dashboard or, better yet, have them sent automatically to your favourite CRM tool such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign.

Our all-in-one solution will organize and optimize your online reputation for every location.

Let us show you how.
Confused on what you should be asking your customers. Let our AI system ask the right questions to generate proper feedback.
If your customers don't see your brand identity, how will they know it's you? We can create a landing page using your own brand colours, logo, and more.
Running out of Social Media content? Easily share your top reviews directly to your social media platforms.
Transferring you customer data can be error-prone and tedious. Use our export feature and export your customer data directly to your CRM tool.