At a Glance

Track the reputation score of every location and brand.

Every Day

See what's working and what's not to improve operations every day. 

Executive Reports

Download and send an executive summary quickly.

Stay Ahead

Compare every location with your closest competitors to outrank them. 

Make improvements based on trends

When you track your performance over time, you’ll spot trends. You can use this data to improve how you operate. The more happy customers, the more positive reviews, so you can keep your business growing. 

Understand Your Performance Without Collecting the Data

We show you data that matters so you make better decisions. Keep tabs on your average star rating with easy-to-read charts. See a breakdown of reviews by source and understand what customers are saying with AI powered analytics. When you view your performance all on one page, you make dynamic business decisions.

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Keep an Eye on the Competition

View your competitors' rating and review counts on your most important review sites. Our competitor benchmarking report makes it easier for you to see how to keep up with the competition.

Understand What's Behind the Reviews

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically categorize reviews and customer feedback into topics so you can quickly pinpoint operational issues. 

Our all-in-one solution will organize and optimize your online reputation for every location.

Let us show you how.
Making blind decisions about your future? Start tracking trends to optimize future performance.
Don't show up to meetings without your data. Easily download your reports in Excel or PDF.
It's easy to be forgetful when managing multiple locations. Never worry about forgetting with one report for all your data.
Don't fall behind the competition. Track your competitor's data and improve your performance.