Understanding the Competitors Report (premium)
The Competitors Report on the Localyser Dashboard empowers businesses to compare their performance against chosen competitors for each location.Keeping a close eye on their average star rating and volume of reviews in comparison to your locations over time.* Contact us* To activate Competitors Report.
Understanding the Ratings and Reviews Report
The Ratings and Reviews Report on the Localyser Dashboard offers a unique perspective on your business's performance by displaying your average star rating and number of reviews data for each location since the beginning of its listing, the numbers you see here is what your customers see online.
Understanding the Trends Report
The Trends Report on the Localyser Dashboard complements the Overview Report by presenting data over a selected period of time offering a deeper analysis of your business's performance and giving you the ability to compare it with previous months or the same period from the year before.
Understanding the Overview Report
The Overview Report on the Localyser Dashboard offers a quick visual snapshot of your business's performance within a selected date range, to understand how your locations are being rated across different websites. It provides valuable information on average ratings, volume of reviews, response rates, sentiment analysis, review sources, and location rankings, to know at a glimpse which location is improving and which is lagging.
Understanding the Insights Report
The Insights Report in Localyser is a powerful AI-generated tool designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your online reviews, ratings, and customer feedback. This knowledge base article explains the features and benefits of the report, including its customizable filters and the option to export the data for further analysis or to share it with your team & stakeholders.
Understanding the Ranking and Responses Report
Localyser's Ranking and Responses Report provides key metrics such as average ratings, review volumes, response rates, and response times to help you evaluate and manage the performance of your locations effectively