How to generate more reviews using the Feedback Landing page (QR Code)

Here we go through what is Review Generation and how you can set up a successful campaign to help you increase the number of positive reviews shared online that will increase your star rating.

What is Review Generation?

The Review Generation feature helps you collect feedback from customers. Customers will be able to leave you a review by visiting our Landing Pages through QR codes or URL links. These reviews are referred to as Feedback reviews.

Positive reviews received on the Landing Pages give the customer an additional option to share their review online and help boost your online ratings.

Negative reviews received on the Landing Pages will not appear online to other customers and will not affect your online rating. Customers will not be given the option to share it online and it will stay offline to be dealt with internally.

How to set it up?

A Landing Page is automatically set up whenever a new business is added to Localyser and you will be able to download and print it as a QR code. You can place this QR code in places such as the menu, receipt, somewhere on the dining table or reception/cashier and along with the delivery package. Customers will be able to scan this QR code using their phone’s camera to access the Landing Page and leave you a review.

Alternatively, you can place a link leading to the Landing Page in your website, in promotional marketing emails, or in online orders follow up emails.

Where to download links and QR codes?

To download all links and QR codes, click on Feedback from the side menu, then on Landing Page. You will see three tabs:

·     Location: The original Landing Page that fits most your needs.

·     Delivery: Best used if you are planning to place a QR code in the delivery package. Reviews received from this QR code will be marked as delivery reviews so you can easily differentiate between dine-in reviews and delivery reviews.

·     Brand: Useful if you want one QR code per brand instead of an individual QR code per branch. Customers will be redirected to the closest branch to them automatically, and they will also be able to manually select a branch in case it was not correct.

To download your desired QR code, you can do so by clicking on the QR code icon individually in each row or as a bulk by clicking on the download button in the top right corner. You can also download a list of all URLs from there too.