How to respond to Feedback reviews via email

This articles explains how you can respond to reviews collected from your Feedback Landing page (QR Code) using your email client.

Email Response

For first party reviews that are generated from the feedback tool, you can reply to customers by email using your own work email. Here how it works:

  1. Click on Reply.
  2. Choose a category and language.
  3. Pick a response template or write your own response. You can also edit a template after choosing one.
  4. Once you are ready to submit your response, choose the mailing app you use, then click Send. This will take you to the mailing app and all the fields will be filled for you and ready to send, but you can edit the subject or the body if you want. It is recommended to be signed in with an email address dedicated to contacting customers.
  5. When you go back to Localyser, a window will pop up asking if you were able to send your email successfully. If that is the case, click Yes and your response will be recorded on Localyser. If you were not able to send it, click No and the review will remain without a response.