Where to find Analytics and how to read the data

The Feedback Landing page analytics gives you a snapshot on the performance of your QR code scans or visits to the landing page as well as a conversion funnel that calculates the share online rate.

To access yourLanding Pages Analytics, click on Feedback from the side menu, then onAnalytics. In there you will see these four graphs:

  • Funnel Activity: This funnel shaped graph will break down the user behavior starting with visiting the Landing Page all the way to sharing their review online. It starts with the visit count, to how many people left a rating, to how many people left a comment, and finally how many people shared their positive review online.
  • Sentiment Breakdown: Shows the rating count for each star from 1 to 5.
  • Sentiment Analysis: A pie chart that shows the percentage ofpositive, negative, and neutral reviews.
  • Source Breakdown: A pie chart that shows the percentage of each review site the customers decided to share their positive review on.