10 Best POS Systems: 2022 (Comparison Chart)
10 Best POS Systems: 2022 (Comparison Chart)
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August 29, 2022

Localyser took the time out to name the best POS software solutions on the market in 2022. Every one of these options below is a great pick. Some are tailored toward dine-in restaurants, and quick-service restaurants, while others are catered to food trucks, retail, and eCommerce. Either way, take a look and pick your favourite. 


Toast is an all-in-one POS system that helps restaurateurs with transactions and tracks their sales. Including front of the house, back of the house, and guest-facing technology. Toast offers a range of products and bundles to suit your needs. Their all-in-one system includes software for managing payment processing, marketing, employee scheduling, and online ordering. A starter bundle includes a Toast Flex system, Point Of Sale (POS) and credit processing software, a tap, a router, and a guest display. 

They offer extras at further cost such as:

Guest-facing displays

Toast Go handheld

Cash Drawers

EMV Card Readers

Barcode Scanners




TouchBistro is a POS provider that is specifically designed for restaurants. It provides one of the best guest experiences. TouchBistro offers a range of tools. These tools include tableside and self-service ordering for customers and inventory management features.

Their system makes it simple to track inventory levels and table turnover. They also automate the verbal communication of ‘86 items’, (restaurant lingo for out of an item). As well, their software helps communicate changes to food orders between the kitchen and front of the house. 

TouchBistro even helps you manage your staff by assigning roles, managing attendance and staff performance. 

Customer support is offered 24/7 


Lightspeed is a POS system that specializes in order flexibility and add-ons for delivery and loyalty programs. This POS system helps you manage delivery and takeout orders to avoid 3rd-party delivery fees. Lightspeed makes it simple for mobile orders and lets customers order ahead of time.

Two years ago, Lightspeed acquired ShopKeep, which allows retailers to sell their goods online. It now offers Lightspeed eCom which is a platform that helps small business owners set up an online store. It makes it easy for retailers to sell their products online and through social media platforms. 


Square is the most affordable online POS platform. They offer unlimited devices and users for no additional cost. Their payment processing is included with POS.

This POS software offers businesses to accept customer payments with affordable chip readers in physical stores and restaurants. Their payment plans are catered toward different industries such as restaurants and retail. 

Their free plan provides table and menu organization and management. It also includes an order manager and an auto-gratuity option to help make sure staff is being properly tipped.  


Clover is a great choice for any small business that wants a variety of POS equipment. You can get started with the Clover Go card readers and then add additional devices later if needed. One of the benefits of Clover hardware is how simple it is to get started. The hardware is good to go right after you remove it from the box, and everything works smoothly with the Clover dashboard. This all-in-one POS system lets you run your entire business from any device. You can create orders, accept payments, and send receipts to your customers with the Clover Go app.


Upserve is a live mobile app with a built-in marketing program that offers tons of features. It is a flexible POS software that is restaurant friendly. They include a training mode to help educate staff. They cater directly to dine-in restaurants. 

Their basic plan includes the training mode, built-in credit card processing, analysis, marketing program, and reputation management. Other features include; menu optimization, food costs, vendor management, one-click purchasing, and alerts for low inventory. 


Revel is the top POS software choice for bar owners since 2010. It is the best option if you want to use an iPad in your restaurant or bar. You can manage multiple locations with one account. They securely access your data from the cloud, show real-time sales analytics and integrate with partners. 

Revel is also known for their loyalty program. It is an easy set-up for customers to engage with your restaurant or bar and reap the rewards to gain customer retention

They offer 24/7 customer support. 

Cloud-based software. 

Go Daddy

GoDaddy is an excellent option for eCommerce. Their software makes it simple to accept payments online and track your sales with an easy-to-navigate dashboard. 

Their cloud-based software is easy to install and utilize. It offers a mobile app for iOS and Android users. 

The top feature on GoDaddy is being able to purchase a domain name and build an online store and company website. 


Lavu is an iPad-based tool. It is extremely personalized for business. They offer over 300 POS features. Lavu is a great option for wineries, food trucks, and coffee shops. 

You can choose from pay terminals, kitchen display systems, cash drawers, and networking devices. 

Lavu offers tableside ordering, take-out and delivery services, and offers an in-house loyalty program. 


CardConnect is an exceptionally secure solution with PCI-compliant security features. They are a unique POS system. CardConnect offers a collection of merchant services. They offer CardPoint, CoPilot, Clover, and Contactless Payment. 

It is simple to sign up and start taking payments safely and securely. 

They cater to retail, eCommerce and growing businesses. 

Comparison Chart

  Price Free Trial G2 Rating Best For Industry Software Integrations Toast Free Plan Available None 4.2 /5  Restaurants Yes  TouchBistro $$  None  4.4/5  Restaurants Yes  LightSpeed $$  14 Days  4.1/5  Restaurants  Yes  Square Free Plan Available  30 Days  4.6/5  Retail & Restaurants   Yes  Clover $  30 Days  3.9/5  Restaurants, Retail & Ecommerce  Yes  Upserve $$$  None  4.1/5  Restaurants  Yes  Revel $$$  None  4.2/5  Restaurants & Retail  Yes  GoDaddy $  30 Days  3.9/5  Ecommerce  Yes  Lavu $$  None  3.5/5  Restaurants  Yes  CardConnect Quote on Request  None  3/5  Retail & Growing Businesses  Yes


Looking for an online reputation management tool is helpful alongside your POS tool. Optimize your business with every technical resource. Reach out today to learn how easy Localyser makes managing restaurant reviews across multiple websites and more.

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