Meraas, a multi-sector mall, F&B and Entertainment & Leisure operator, lift their number of reviews with Localyser.
Meraas, a multi-sector mall, F&B and Entertainment & Leisure operator, lift their number of reviews with Localyser.
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October 12, 2020

Dubai based Meraas embarked on a journey as a developer that has enabled it to diversify operations and expertise into a growing number of sectors from retail to food, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, healthcare and technology.

As an operator of one of the most known destinations, restaurants and entertainment venues, Meraas delivers incredible memories and for residents and tourists alike. From the renewed open air mall of City Walk and The Beach to award winning leisure experiences such as The Green Planet all the way to local favorites including SIKKA Cafe, Butch Steakhouse and Babaji.

The Challenge: how to consistently drive more reviews to every location to achieve higher star rating.

Meraas’ destinations, restaurants and entertainment venues deliver amazing guest experiences day in and day out. Their outlets have become the talk of the town and the team at Meraas wanted a systematic way to translate their customers’ word of mouth into online reviews viewed across Google, Zomato and TripAdvisor.

Asking for customer feedback that translates into online reviews became a priority and the team needed a more efficient method across all of its locations. They needed something that drove better results than simply asking customers to manually leave a review online and share their experiences with the world.

As their portfolio of restaurants, destination malls and leisure & entertainment venues grew, the Meraas team was looking for a a more reliable strategy that worked on a regular basis. It had to make it super simple for customers to not only share their feedback to derive actionable insights from but to also drive more reviews and achieve higher star rating.

The Solution: a smart customer feedback tool powered by QR Codes that converted compliments into online positive reviews.

After implementing Localyser’s online reputation management tool, the team quickly implemented its value-driven review generation feature. Localyser’s solution provided an effective customer feedback tool that converted compliments into positive online reviews.

Leveraging the ease of QR codes, the team printed Rate Us Cards that were presented to every customer post purchase. The guest simply scanned the QR code from their own mobile device that redirected them to a single question page to rate their recent experience and share it online. The solution was implemented across their venues and the results were immediate.

The Results: Babaji Restaurant doubled its number of reviews within 3 months.

With just three months, one of Meraas famous restaurant in Dubai called Babaji in City Walk increased its reviews on Google by 100% leveraging Localyser's review generation campaign tool.

Before Localyser

208 reviews on Google.

After Localyser

406 reviews on Google in 3 months.

Besides up lifting their brand’s presence on Google and other review sites, the increase in the number of reviews meant positive impact on the local SEO of the restaurant listing. As numerous studies have showed, having a higher number of reviews and star rating results in higher ranking on search engines.

This higher ranking meant that Babaji was more discoverable to an increased number of online users which quickly translated into more views and conversions and ultimately higher revenue.

Update: as of the writing of this blog post, Babaji’s number of reviews has topped 1,000 and continue to climb.

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