How to Get the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence: A Guide for Restaurants
How to Get the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence: A Guide for  Restaurants
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February 3, 2022

The Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence allows your business listing to stand out. This is helpful when rising up from the pandemic.

So how do you get a certificate of excellence from Tripadvisor? This post goes over everything you need to know about the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. This includes what it is, how to get it, and why it’s important.

Rising from the pandemic woes

The hospitality and restaurant industry is slowly picking up pace after several countries announced the easing of pandemic-related restrictions. The industry faced one of the hardest hits due to the pandemic.

After two years, more people are hitting the roads for travel, shopping, and leisure trips than ever before. Air travel too is showing signs of pre-pandemic level traffic especially with the patterns observed during the last holiday season. These people are also leaving positive reviews and negative reviews.

And having a Tripadvisor certificate allows you to stand out from the competition during this critical period.

What is Tripadvisor’s Travelers Choice Award?

In a highly competitive market, restaurants and hotels must add visibility to their business to attract potential customers. This means getting those repeat customers to leave Tripadvisor reviews.

The Tripadvisor Excellence Award, now rebranded as an award under the Travelers’ Choice Award umbrella, is regarded as one of the most coveted recognitions for restaurants.

Travelers’ Choice Award winners are selected by Tripadvisor based on the positive feedback expressed from customers who visited the establishment.

Why is the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence important?

Tripadvisor is one of the world’s largest travel platforms and each month over 463 million travelers from 49 countries use the app to choose their next destination, be it a popular resort or a burger joint. They also use it to leave traveler reviews.

With the pandemic causing an accelerated push in the digital economy, more people started going online for their daily needs including seeking information about places.

This trait is likely to stay behind even after the pandemic wanes down. This makes it important for businesses to have a credible presence online where customers often evaluate options and make decisions.

For restaurants, getting featured as a globally recognized winner for offering great tastes, superior customer service, and unmatched quality, isn’t something you want to miss out on.

With so many potential customers flocking to the platform, getting the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence is a must. It cements your place in the preferred list of destinations that travelers want to visit.

But how do I get a prestigious award such as the Tripadvisor Travelers Choice Award?

How to get a Tripadvisor Certificate

There are 3 major technical conditions that a restaurant must satisfy to be considered for the certificate and on their way to getting a Travelers Choice Award:

  1. They need to maintain an overall rating of at least 4
  2. The restaurant should achieve a desired minimum number of Tripadvisor reviews on the platform
  3. It must also be listed on the Tripadvisor platform for at least 12 months

Once they are met, the Tripadvisor platform automatically awards the certificate to a restaurant based on its algorithmic evaluation of reviews.

So you want to talk to your staff and ensure that the food and service is on point. It is all about customer satisfaction. You’ll need to sign your employees up for training every few months to keep them performing on point. This means teaching waiters and chefs how to deal with pressure and deliver the best possible service.

You might also want to look into other operating systems that streamline the work process of your employees. The key during this phase is to identify your restaurant’s weak points and improve them.

The better customers rate and review your restaurant, the greater your chance of winning the coveted spot in rankings. You should focus on managing your online reputation and ensuring guests drop a positive review on sites like Tripadvisor.

Earn the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence with Localyser

Your restaurant needs access to a space where you can get accurate insights from reviews posted by customers, understand and filter them based on different services, identify areas of improvement, and respond positively to all reviews even if they are negative.

Over time, the volume of online reviews and ratings such as Tripadvisor reviews and ratings will grow and it’ll be near impossible to manually handle your online reputation.

This is where Localyser can make a difference. By enabling multi-location restaurant brands to proactively manage and respond to online reviews, it removes a major hurdle in the steps to achieve recognitions like the Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Contact us to explore how Localyser can help your restaurant monitor reviews, respond diligently and generate better business prospects through positive guest experiences.

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