How to respond to Google & Facebook reviews

In this article, we detail the direct respond feature that allows you to post your respond to Google and Facebook directly from your Localyser dashboard.

Direct Response

The direct response feature works only for Google and Facebook reviews. It allows you to respond directly on your dashboard without having to leave the page. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Reply.
  2. Choose a category and language.
  3. Pick a response template or write your own response. You can also edit a template after choosing one.
  4. Once you are ready to submit your response, click on Post directly. This will send your post directly to the user on the review site.

Note: For the last step to work properly, you need to have your Google My Business/Facebook Business account connected to Localyser. To do so, click on Settings then Other from the side menu. Under the 3rd Party Login tab, connect the account that manages your business. Learn more in our Integrations & OAuth section.