How to Generate More Reviews with QR Codes (Google Reviews)
How to Generate More Reviews with QR Codes (Google Reviews)
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October 17, 2022

Recap: What are QR Codes? 

Quick Response (QR) codes were created to access information in a small 2D matrix barcode. It can be read with ease by a mobile device. It differs from an original barcode because QR codes can gather extra data and examine the data ten times faster. As well the overall look of a QR code is different than an original barcode. A QR code is a series of pixels in a square-shaped grid. Most smartphones have built-in QR readers which makes it easy to track and, or provide information through the use of these quick response codes. 

Why do Reviews Matter?

97% of customers will read online reviews before they make a purchase. Half of those customers will only trust 4-stars or better. Your online presence is basically your new first impression. When a customer googles your business, good or bad reviews are going to show up. The chance of a customer coming into your store after seeing negative reviews is slim to none. As opposed to a customer seeing a page of positive reviews, they will be enticed to come around. 

What do QR Codes do? 

It might feel daunting to ask customers for their feedback. However,  customers are most times receptive when they are satisfied. Google, Facebook and Google My Business, and Yelp are go-to reviews sites to encourage customers to leave reviews on. Although, this may be tough when you’re starting from scratch. But QR codes are your solution. It is way easier to ask a customer to scan a QR code and leave a review than to ask a customer on the spot how they felt about their experience. 

Improve Your Rankings

You might be wondering how a QR code will improve your rankings. Well, you can’t always be everywhere your customers are and you can’t always be asking them for their feedback. QR codes are the perfect replacement. Put your reliance on QR codes to solicit feedback from your customers. The more positive reviews, the higher your online ranking becomes. So, yes QR codes can be a great improvement to your online rankings. 

Provide Convenience 

As mentioned above, you can’t always be around to ask customers about their experiences. But a QR code can. Here are some places to put QR codes across different industries. 


Putting QR codes in restaurants gives your staff the support they need when asking customers for feedback. It can be overwhelming for your staff to ask customers for their thoughts and opinions constantly. It is easy to point a QR code on tabletops, receipts, and takeout bags. 


Customer interaction can be brief in a retail setting. It is still important to know how those brief encounters are. Asking for feedback from customers might not fit into those moments. Putting a QR code on receipts, front door windows, and bags can be the perfect way to entice your customers to leave their feedback. 

Health & Wellness

Patients are busy and focused on their health and need the convenience of a QR code scan to make the feedback process seamless. Good places to leave QR codes are on side tables, doorways, and even on equipment.  


A great way to receive feedback is when customers are test-driving vehicles and hang a QR code from the rearview mirror. 


Hotel rooms are the best places to place QR codes for guest to leave their feedback. A great way to do this is to provide a connection to the internet through the QR code and provide the landing page with a place to leave feedback. Other places to leave QR codes are on the mirrors in the hotel rooms, back of doors, and on bedside tables. 


It can be difficult to gather feedback from your customer base. An easy way to use a QR code on envelopes when sending paperwork to your clients. 

Directing Traffic

The first step was getting customers to scan those QR codes. So now what? Their feedback and reviews have to be directed somewhere. Creating landing pages for these QR codes can be challenging but tools like Localyser will do it for you. 

Social Media 

A great direction to lead your customers is social media. Creating a QR code with a link to send them directly to your Facebook or Instagram pages is a good way to get positive feedback. Customers will feel the ease and most customers already know how to work those social media sites. An average person spends about 147 minutes a day on social media. So what are a few more? They can hop on and leave a review in the comments.  

Review Sites 

The main goal is to have your customers leave their feedback on the major review sites. Google My Business, Google Play, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Facebook. Make sure to create a QR code with a link to these sites. Customers want fast and easy access. A direct link to leave a review about their service or product can be seamless with the help of a QR code.

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