How To Increase My Business Star Rating On Google Maps?
How To Increase My Business Star Rating On Google Maps?
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May 19, 2020

Have you heard the term "Google is now your home page"? Well, for businesses with a physical location or a store such as restaurants, retail and entertainment your Google Map Business listing and Google My Business has become your home page. Customers more and more use the platform to discover local businesses to decide what and where to buy food, specific product or service. So let us educate you on this important part of your online reputation management.

Aside from proximity, the first thing that potential customers will make an organic search on a search engine, and look at is your star rating. You want your search rankings to be full of positive reviews and very few bad reviews to show up. Don't get a negative search. According to MOZ, when potential customers judge a business, the star rating is the number one factor, followed by volume of online reviews. Not only that, your star rating is only as good as your next competitor. You might be proud of your 4.2 average star rating on Google but if you only have 150 reviews and your competitor has 500, guess who's going to get that click. Online reputation management and search engine optimization are the key to this digital marketing world.  

Customers Judge a Business by their Star Rating First

So how do I beat the competition and rank higher on Google Search and Maps? Simple, improve your Google My Business profile. It is imperative that you make sure that all of your Google Map business listing and Google My Business are complete and accurate. You do that by claiming and verifying your Google My Business profile and updating the information such as business category, description, business hours, business physical address, phone number, email address, website link and most importantly your address.

Ask Customers to Leave a Review at the Right Time

Now that you have a complete and accurate Google Map Business listing and Google My Business profile, getting more five-star reviews is all about using the right tool at the right time. For example, most businesses simply ask their customers to leave them a review as they are walking out the door hoping that they will. But you need to make it easy for them to do so and on the review platform of their choice. Having a tool that presents the customer with the ability to share their feedback online is a great way to get those business reviews. Encourage customers to leave a review on the platform of their choice but always make sure you are reaching a customers for reviews, such as a Google review.

However, you need to present this star review generation page at the right time. This is usually right after they completed an experience with you or purchase something from your store. If you wait too long the customer will not even remember you and your conversation rate will be low and you have lost contact with customers. For example, when a customers orders food from your site or through a delivery app, make sure to include a QR code in the packaging that directs them to leave a star review. If you have collected their email address or mobile number, send them an email or an SMS the next day. Happy Customer reviews are the step to a positive rating.

You can also reach customers on your own website. When customers go to buy product off your website, order food off your online ordering system, or locate and get to know your business, this is a perfect opportunity. To generate reviews, leave a review link on the bottom of every landing page. Customers can use this review link to be directed to writing a positive review. This ultimately will improve your Google My Business profile.

More Positive Reviews Will Improve a Business's Local Ranking

The trick is to systemize the process and make it seamless for the customer to leave a 5-star review. You need amplify the organic amount that you are getting reviews on a daily basis and not do an online review request campaign once in a while. The growth in the number of positive reviews should be growing steadily and not have those spikes. Your Google My Business profiles will improve your overall standing online.

A bad consumer review, one-star review, and a fake review can turn your fantastic star-rating into an average rating. Review sites such as Google My Business can tell you how your actual business is doing. Business reviews should never be taken personal, however they should be taken seriously. One negative review will not damage your entire online reputation. It is important to stay on top of these poor reviews and have a plan set in place to reach out to these customers. Mend their view of your business, show them your excellent customer service and turn those critical reviews into five-star reviews.

At the end of the day, having a high average star rating along with a high count of online reviews will get your ranked higher on Google Search and Map results. This in turn will get you more clicks to your Google Map Business listings and Google My Business and if your digital presence is complete and accurate then you will also get more people to make an organic search, click, call, order or get direction to your store.

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