12 Podcasts to Listen to If You Own or Operate Restaurants
12 Podcasts to Listen to If You Own or Operate Restaurants
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July 4, 2022

You are busy. You are operating multiple restaurants. You don’t have time to sit down and read blog after blog and use Google to find the best tips, tricks, and tactics to improve your restaurant and its online reputation management. The best option for you is to listen to podcasts. Throw in some headphones, continue to work, and listen.  Below are the best podcasts to listen to if you own or operate restaurants.

Podcasts for Restaurant Operations

  1. Restaurant Unstoppable

This podcast is known as the number one restaurant business podcast. It is a must if you want the latest information in the industry. They want you to know what the most successful restaurateurs know. They interview chefs, restaurant owners and operators, and great industry leaders.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Creative Destruction with David Dressler
  • Jake Brewer Chief Strategy Officer at Miso Robotics
  • Peter LeSar Author of Restaurant Strong

  1. The Garnish

The Garnish is sponsored by the POS company, Toast. This podcast provides the audience with stories and advice from restaurateurs and managers. Chefs. Cooks, servers, and everyone else who powers the industry.  

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Renovating Restaurants
  • Restaurant Trends from NYC
  • Chef Chris Hill on Building Your Brand

  1. Secret Sauce - Restaurant Marketing

This podcast shares the “ingredients” of a restaurant’s secret sauce. The secret sauce contains SEO, Facebook, Twitter, emails, coupons, yield utilization, USPs, Menu engineering, direct mail, Instagram, partnerships and more. They focus on topics that will find you more customers and turn them into repeat customers. They strive to educate new restaurateurs on how to increase their turnover and profit.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Restaurant Hiring Ideas for 2022
  • Restaurant Trends for 2022
  • Optimizing Your Google My Business account for Fun and Profit

  1. Restaurant Technology Guys Podcast

Restaurant Technology Guys draw from years of experience in the restaurant industry and tech industry. They talk about the technology within the restaurant and outside. They want to help restaurant owners and operators run their businesses better. This podcast is helpful to learn the latest tips about POS systems, cost control, marketing technology strategies and more.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Cogs (Cost of Goods Sold)- Well
  • Synergy Consulting
  • Branded Strategic Hospitality

  1. Sysco Virtual Kitchen

Sysco Virtual Kitchen is the only live weekly streaming foodservice show in North America. They focus on relevant topics and insight that is currently in the food service industry. They also have 5 channels to enjoy Healthcare, Produce Talks, Business Resources, Vendor Cooking, and the live Virtual Butcher Show.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Canadian Foodservice Industry Update with Technomic
  • Foodservice Tech Show, SVK Network
  • Foodservice Vs. TikTok Recipes

  1. The Restaurant Coach  

The Restaurant Coach offers cutting-edge tools, techniques, and tips from the world’s leading restaurant coach. Donald Burns is known for programs and methods that create pivotal results for his customers. The podcast is known to help those in the industry who need a change or path to success, they call the restaurant coach. Listening to this podcast will give you the inside scoop.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • The 11 Traits of an Outstanding Restaurant
  • Digital Restaurant Strategies with Carl Osbourn & Meredith Sandland
  • Fatal Mistakes that Restaurants Make

Podcasts for Restaurant Online Reputation Management

  1. Todd Collins

This podcast gives listeners the secrets to online reputation management, social media hacks, and digital marketing updates. Todd Collins gives pointers on topics like branding, mobile apps, content marketing, TikTok trends, famous people in the industry and more.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Crushing Content with Rebecca Butcher
  • Fire Marketing Tips for your Personal Brand
  • Opportunity is Right in Front of You

  1. The Reputation Management Podcast

This podcast dives into the future embodiment of corporate communications and PR. Their insight is that leading organizations in the future will manage not only their communications but their reputation. This has already begun. They talk about how businesses with the best reputation perform better. They excel in recruiting higher staff and succeed with smaller marketing budgets. This podcast is created by reputation management experts and special guests to explore topics in detail, issues within the industry, and case studies.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Protecting Reputation from Crisis
  • Managing Reputation from Across the World
  • The Power of Content

  1. Reputation Matters

Reputation Matters showcases business owners and marketers. They have guests on to talk about reputation management, the good and the bad. This podcast discusses the obvious and not-so-obvious strategies people use to improve their online reputation. They provide examples of businesses that have done a good job managing their reputation, and some that have not done so well. It is all about educating listeners on how to improve their own reputation online.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • The Impact of Reviews with South Street Co.’s Kaitlyn Study
  • How Brands Can Proactively and Reactively Manage their Brand Image with Yonder’s Jonathon Morgan
  • How to Build an Effective Brand Reputation and Deal with Negative Reviews with Next Step's Sean Boyce

  1. Restaurant Marketing School

The Restaurants Marketing School Podcast was created in partnership with Yelp. This podcast supplies daily marketing tips for giving restaurant owners and operators the tools they need to communicate with their current and potential customer base. This is a fresh perspective on traditional marketing within the industry. Important to note, that each podcast is only about four to seven minutes long. Perfect for those busy and on the go.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Leveraging Scale
  • Daily Decision-Making Tools
  • How to Create a Strategic Plan

  1. Restaurant Strategy

This marketing podcast is dedicated specifically to the restaurant industry. There is information for small-to-midsize restaurants. Their episodes include boosting covers and revenue through tactics and strategies. Entrepreneurship is a big topic of interest which can help those owners and operators just starting in the restaurant industry.

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • Leveraging Third-Party Delivery Apps
  • The 10 Biggest Mistakes That Keep Restaurants from Hitting Maximum Profitability
  • How to Optimize a Restaurant Website

  1. Hospitality Reputation Marketing: Get Great Reviews

Hospitality Reputation Marketing is the go-to podcast to find out the philosophy behind Service & Product Marketing and how a brand’s reputation is the foundation of sales, marketing, and revenue success. This podcast focuses on what the industry professionals say about the experience vs. what the customers say about the experience. They provide a consistent 20-minute podcast each week to inspire 5-star reviews for your business. Topics of interest they showcase are leadership, culture, empowerment, feedback, coaching, innovation, technology, emails, and responding to reviews.  

Here are some episode titles to check out:

  • The Tool Your Hospitality Marketing Stack is Missing
  • Q&A with Adele on Reputation Management vs Reputation Marketing
  • How to be "Best of the Best" on Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards: With Hotel Owner Gwenn Snider and Adele Gutman

Online Reputation Management Solution

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