Foodmark, a multi-brand and multi-location restaurant operator, achieves higher review response rate with Localyser
Foodmark, a multi-brand and multi-location restaurant operator, achieves higher review response rate with Localyser
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November 11, 2020

Foodmark, the operator of loved restaurant brands across the GCC, was looking to extend it’s excellent dine-in customer experience to its online reputation. The company is committed to delivering exceptional guest experiences through popular such as Carluccio's, Zafran, Max's Restaurant, Max ’ s All About Chicken, and Chi ’ Zen.

A division of the Landmark Group, Foodmark has built an impressive portfolio of internationally-franchised and local concept restaurant brands across the Middle East. Foodmark is focused on providing the most authentic casual-dining brands in the regions. Their marketing team is driven to providing epic moments at every customer touchpoint.

The Challenge: how to achieve higher response rate across all brands, regions and review sites.

Before using Localyser’s online reputation management tool, the Foodmark marketing team relied mostly on manual work to constantly check each review site such as Google, Zomato and TripAdvisor for each location and respond to reviews one by one.

The team recognized that this manual process was not sustainable and required streamlining to achieve their goal of responding to negative and positive reviews in an efficient and quick manner. As the company expanded across the region with more brands and more locations, the volume of reviews became unsustainable to manage manually.

Adding to that, consumers in the Middle East are using multiple review sites such as Google, Facebook, Zomato, Talabat and TripAdvisor to register their dine-in and food delivery experiences. Keeping up with the ever growing fragmentation of this space meant more pressure on the in-house team.

Lastly, the marketing team’s need to report on the star rating and number of reviews made the use of Excel sheets difficult. Instead of copying and pasting the star rating and number of online reviews for every location on every site into a worksheet, the team was looking for a much more efficient way to providing management with accurate and periodic reporting.

The Solution: one dashboard to monitor and respond to online reviews across all platform

Enter Localyser, a platform that aggregates online reviews from across the Web into one easy to use dashboard. The onboarding process connected all of Foodmark’s locations and profiles across the Web and the system automatically started to populate a single dashboard with all of the reviews founds for each brand and location.

Localyser’s customer success team worked closely with Foodmark’s marketing team to finalize a list of suggested response texts for every sentiment, positive reviews and negative reviews. After a short training, the team was able to quickly respond to a much higher number of reviews than before.

Moreover, the reporting feature allowed the marketing manager to easily download colorful graphs and organized tables that accurately displayed the average star rating and number of reviews across each single review site and the overall averages for each brand. They were also able to easily track their response rate over time using a trends report and make sure that the team is staying on top of their set objective.

The Results: much higher response rate of online reviews using best practice review response processes.

Within one week of onboarding, the Foodmark marketing team was able to cut their time to responding to reviews drastically. With the out of the box email alert system, the team responsible never missed a singled review. Responding to reviews became much easier with the diversity of suggested response templates that were customized to each customer feedback.

In the first month after full deployment of Localyser, the team has managed to increase their overall review response rate by over 50%. Moreover, the requirement to respond to all negative reviews was reached with ease and as a result Foodmark’s goal to improve the guest experience both offline and online was achieved.

With the increased productivity, the marketing team at Foodmark was able to deliver on their goals with Localyser without the addition of more resources. Their focus was no longer only on “how do we respond to all of our online reviews” but now they have the time to focus on deriving actionable insight from customer reviews to improve their operations and provide an even superior customer experience.

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