Top 5 Techniques of Placing Your QR Code to Generate Online Reviews at Your Restaurant.
Top 5 Techniques of Placing Your QR Code to Generate Online Reviews at Your Restaurant.
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September 8, 2020

Digital transformation has become a significant-size pillar of any restaurant or business in general; the internet of things, omni-channels and the entire technology revolution has taken the world by storm. Customers are more tech savvy wandering around with their mobile device, and restaurants are picking up the pace by adapting to the new digital norm.

Quick response 'QR codes' remain a creative device to drive traffic and connect with customers. But are they still a useful option in today's ultra-digital era? In fact, way before COVID-19, QR card usage grew 28% from 2018 to 2019 according to Bluebite. However, several businesses have found innovative and unique ways to not only get customers to simply scan their QR code with their phone camera, even off of a menu or with the help of staff; but also boost their brand awareness in the process, in all mobile devices.

Customer reviews is a vital aspect to any restaurant, they not only help boost SEO, especially if you are a local business, but also grow your online reviews on popular review sites such as Google, TripAdvisor, Zomato and others increases your ranking on SERP 'search engine results page'. The content of an online review can often make and sometimes break a wall in the business. Online reviews are crucial to your business if you care to polish your image; they should be top of your marketing list, as they have a huge impact on the buying decisions of your potential customers. Consumers rely more and more on the opinions and experiences of others when evaluating options and making purchase decisions, whether remotely on Talabat, Zomato, or from the menu in at your restaurant with the help of your 'friendly' staff!

At the end of the day, who's more eligible to judge if a restaurant has good/bad service or staff? The ones who are in direct contact with it! It all comes down to the customers, everything in a restaurant revolves around customer experience, in every size and all shapes -  pun intended! If you come to think about, it's customers' money that pays your rent, your salaries, costs and profit! Your restaurant's sole existence is to cater to the their needs.

Having said that, here are the best options to slide in a QR code to acquire a online restaurant review. It's worth a trial from your end.

1. Rate-Us Card Given to Customers at the Time of Payment (for dine-in)

The best time to approach a satisfied customer is right at the end of a happy journey; especially if the food was to their liking! It surely requires some tact and diplomacy from your staff to smartly request them to scan the QR code and fill in their 'positive' online review as their opinion matters the most. Some people don't like to wait for the bill; therefore, the waiter can keep them entertained and busy with the review process, until they bring them the bill.

2. QR Code Sticker Placed in the Delivery Bag

For those who live to eat at the convenience of their home or office, they can be reached with a nicely designed sticker and a smart CTA 'call to action' asking them to scan the QR code and fill in their online review to help improve the service/quality. The QR code can be included with a flyer that has the menu, or it can be smartly printed on the bag, or sometimes on the beverages or food containers with a 'scan me' message. The aim is to associate the online review with a positive emotion, to capitalize on the psychological aspect of the consumers.

3. Placing the Online Review QR Code on the Table Top

While yes, sometimes we manually ask our customers to scan a QR code and complete an online review survey, however, automating the process is much more beneficial and consistent.

Having the QR code placed on the table top, place mats, restaurant physical menus or digital online menus is a good way to encourage your customers to scan & fill in their online restaurant review; however, it should be placed in a none-interceptive manner! You don't want to interrupt their menu-browsing journey otherwise, it will backfire and becomes an annoying hassle. Which is why placing it on the digital menu is recommended, since they're aleady on their phone. They'll think of it as a continuation of the menu items.

4. Printing the QR Code on Receipts

Most people tend to carefully read their bill; printing the QR code on it significantly raises the chances of them encountering it and engaging with it. Especially that now-a-days restaurant owners are sweetening the deal by offer a certain discount on the next purchase after filling in the online review form as a smart way to reel in the review. Of course, discounts can be a double bladed sword, for which, the CTA 'call to action' should be well thought of so it doesn't cheapens the process. You don't want your clients to think you're bribing them in exchange for a positive online review.

5. QR Code Stickers on Doors, Chairs, Windows, Tables, and What Have You!

Since it's all about great customer journeys, incorporating the QR code in the 'fun' customer journey is a cardinal element if achieved well. You can transform a somewhat 'boring' process into a fun thing to do, wherein customers would like to be a part of it rather have it enforced on them. If you have an Instagrammable area at your restaurant or café, you can add in an awesome looking QR code to the corner and have your clients scan and enjoy a different surprise every time. The same concept can be applied on having the QR code spread in as stickers on the doors, tables, chairs and windows across your venue; surely, this means you need a strong QR code design and a concept behind it, but it all pays in favor of reinforcing the 'customer proof' element to your brand.

QR code generator is an interactive tool that we must benefit from its flexible size, whether it's a trial phase to capture data and insights, or a part of an automated process to generate customer reviews.

Side tip to the business owner: It's recommended to place the QR code in your digital menu as well.

Localyser can help you catch your restaurant review, negative review, positive review, and every review in between. Let us set up your QR code and landing page. Contact Localyser today!

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