What Makes a Good Review? 5 Positive Restaurant Review Examples
What Makes a Good Review? 5 Positive Restaurant Review Examples
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April 8, 2021

Over half of US adults read online reviews before purchasing a product or service. Also, businesses with online reviews enjoy higher search engine rankings than those without. These stats prove that positive reviews can contribute hugely to the success of any restaurant brand.

This guide explains what makes a good review, highlights positive restaurant review examples, and features some review response ideas that can turn visitors into repeat customers.

What makes a good restaurant review?

A good review goes beyond a five-star rating. A positive restaurant review details a customer's overall experience—from their thoughts about the restaurant's cuisines to their comments about the servers. Good reviews are always:

1. Specific

A good restaurant review would highlight key things a customer enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) during their visit. No beating around the bush; no generic comments. A good restaurant review features the exact things a customer loved, issues they faced, and other precise information.

2. Packed with sufficient details

Detailed reviews stand out. So, unlike one-sentence feedback, excellent restaurant reviews thoroughly explain a customer’s experience—right from when they entered the building.

Detailed reviews help prospective customers understand how a restaurant operates and what they should expect.

3. Written in a natural tone

A good review sounds like a conversation between friends. Customers don't hesitate to infuse humor, throw in emojis, and use slang when sharing their experiences.

5 positive restaurant review examples (+5 solid copy-and-paste responses)

Not sure of how to compose winning responses? Below are some categorized positive restaurant review examples and the perfect response for each situation.

Example 1: "F-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c!"

This category of positive review expresses customers' total satisfaction with a restaurant’s services. So, they often comprise slang, emojis, and other things that properly communicate their feeling of excitement. From reading these reviews, you can quickly tell that a customer is impressed with your brand's service and will come visiting again—probably with their friends.

Ceren’s detailed analysis of the restaurant’s interior design, her take on the food, and her comment about the staff makes her review stand out. Overall, her review features enough details to compel prospective customers to come by for a bite to eat.

Responding to this review

The best way to respond to the positive restaurant review example above is to maintain the customer’s warm, informal tone.

A great response could be:

"Hi {Name},

I'm super pumped by your review. Yes, I almost jumped off my chair while reading this! :)

Thanks for the kind words. I hope you'll stop by some other time (preferably with your friends). Keep being amazing!

{Your name}

{Your job title}"

Example 2: "Amazing, but..."

Customers are free to show their dissatisfaction about a restaurant's cuisine, pricing, servers—you name it. So, it's not unusual for customers to leave five-star ratings and still point out certain flaws.

The review above sounds very natural—more like a conversation between the reviewer and a friend. What’s more, the reviewer highlights what she liked and what she feels could be improved and provides some specific suggestions to give the restaurant an idea of changes they could implement.

Responding to this review

When responding to this category of positive review, start by showing appreciation to the customer for their kind words and then indicate your restaurant's commitment to providing quality services consistently.

Here's a response that'd fit this situation perfectly:

"Hi {Name},

Thanks for taking the time to write this review. And thank you for the five-star rating.

About {mention their complaint}, we've heard you and will communicate your feedback to the appropriate department so that actions will be taken quickly.

Thanks, once again, for your fantastic review, {Name}. Be sure to stop by again.

{Your name}

{Your title}"

Example 3: "You should try this too!"

Some positive restaurant reviews will directly advertise your business. Customers who leave these reviews may even go as far as recommending their favorite cuisine to prospects.

Here, Michelle describes her experience in detail. She shares the restaurant’s location, highlights some of their cuisines (including her favorite), and even describes their mode of operation.

Her in-depth review leaves potential customers with valuable details that could compel them to stop in for a meal.

Responding to this review

You can respond to the review above with more recommendations. An ideal response would be:

"You got it, {Name}. We sure offer some of the best {name of food or drink} in town!

Did you get a chance to try out some of our other unique dishes—like {outline some recommendations}? They’re some of our customers' favorites!

I'd advise you to try them out on your next visit!

{Your name}

{Your title}"

Example 4: "Fix this, please."

Not all four- or five-star review ratings indicate that a customer is entirely pleased with your services. However, when a long-time customer highlights certain issues, it's a sign that they want to keep patronizing your business—if things are fixed.

You can see from the review above that Rick is a regular customer. He gets straight to the point, stating his specific issue with the restaurant.

His forthright comment plus the four-star rating makes the review a good one.

Responding to this review

The best way to respond to these reviews is to acknowledge the customers' feedback and indicate that you’re willing to fix things.

Here's a perfect response:

"Hi {Name},

We sincerely apologize for {the complaint}.

We are committed to delivering quality services and would love to discuss things further with you.

Could you email {you@yourcompany.com} so we can take a better look into this?

Thank you for your time.

{Your name}

{Your title}"

Example 5: "Much better now."

This review often comes when a customer's complaints are addressed and they begin to see improvements.

The spelling and grammatical errors in this review make it clear that the reviewer is likely a non-native English speaker. Notwithstanding, the review is very comprehensive and relevant, and should be given the same attention as any other.

The natural, descriptive tone and the inclusion of many details makes the review relatable and useful to potential customers who may intend to charge their gadgets while having their meals.

Responding to this review

Remind customers that your company always acts on customers' feedback and strives for constant improvements.

An ideal response to this review above would be:

"Hi {Name},

Thanks for the kind words.

We always prioritize our customers' satisfaction and don't take their feedback lightly.

You’ll definitely see many more improvements in the quality of our services in the next while.

Thanks, once again, for your fantastic review, {Name}. Make sure you stop by again soon!

{Your name}

{Your title}"

Build a community of loyal customers

Well-crafted restaurant review responses can turn prospects into patrons. So, it's essential you track your reviews and respond to them swiftly.

Localyser helps multi-location restaurant brands effortlessly monitor and manage customers' reviews from multiple channels. Want to build a huge community of loyal customers? Schedule a free demo today.

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